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A Clean, Safe Environment

A Clean, Safe Environment

Cleaning and Sanitation
We continue to adhere to our sanitation procedures. We are ensuring that high-touch areas such as door handles, and self-serve areas undergo more frequent cleanings.

Protecting Each Other
All individuals ages 5+ should wear a face covering while shopping and working in our stores. We're reinforcing physical distancing with visual floor markers and plexi-glass sneeze guards at the front sales counter. We ask that you refrain from shopping if you do not feel well. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Food and Beverage
We've implemented precautionary measures for all fresh food and beverage offerings:

• Coffee pot service resumed with coffee pot shields protecting the coffee from air exposure. Tissues are available to customers to use as a barrier between their hands and the handle surface. (Effective as of  6/22/2020]
• We've temporarily discontinued the glass coffee pot service. (Effective as of 3/25/20)
• Fresh baked goods sold pre-packaged. (Effective as of 3/20/20)
• We've temporarily discontinued the use of personal cups for hot and cold dispensed beverages. Should customers bring in a personal cup, we will honor the refill discount. However, we do require that customers use our paper/plastic cup when dispensing their beverage (Effective as of 3/19/20)

Store Hours
We've adjusted our store hours to create a safer and more controlled environment for Seniors to shop. At all locations, Sundays and Wednesdays from 4:00pm - 5:00pm will be set aside for Seniors 60+ and those with pre-existing medical conditions to shop. (Effective at Maui location as of 3/20/20, Effective at all locations as of 3/25/20)