A Popular Hawaiian Contemporary

Andy Beth Miller | Dec 1, 2016

Maintaining the Aloha

Described on her blog as being one who is, “Keeping it real while maintaining the aloha!,” sitting down for a chat with Rylee Anuheakeʻalaokalokelani Jenkins, better known as simply “Anuhea" to her countless fans and listeners, is much like kicking back with a best friend. Warm, kind, and down to earth, the popular Hawaiian contemporary folk rock singer and songwriter manages to appreciate her success with the help of her strong aloha spirit.

An eighties baby, Anuhea was born in 1985 on the island of Maui, and grew up there enjoying a childhood which the chanteuse remembers as being “such a blessing, getting to grow up surrounded by nature.” The singer also recalls wonderful moments shared with her family during that time. “I have lots of memories of going to Baby Beach especially, just swimming around and playing on the sand. And now that I am a mom, I love getting to take my own son there too.”

"My dad and I would head down the road to 7-Eleven to get Slurpees and Spam musubis"


Childhood Memories

Another great memory that Anuhea recalls fondly are the times shared with her father, bonding over 7-Eleven snacks and treats en route to and from school and sporting events. “It kind of became this tradition—we’d stop by the Kahului one on our way up country, which kind of was our halfway marker.”

These days, Anuhea still enjoys stopping by 7-Eleven, whether it be here in Hawaiʻi or while out on the road touring. “We tour a lot, and spend so much time stopping and eating at convenience spots, so it’s nice to see something familiar like a 7-Eleven on the road,” she says. And her favorite 7-Eleven items to stock up on now, as an adult? “When I’m on the road, I’m most likely to grab the Zico chocolate coconut water and some trail mix type snacks—it’s nice that they have those healthy choices,” the singer explains.

Now living on the Big Island with her fiancee and son, Anuhea has kept busy, having released her “All is Bright” Christmas album, as well as the release of her EP titled “Shoulders” at the end of January 2016, which was followed by a mainland tour in March (West coast) and April (East coast). Available in stores and on iTunes, Anuhea’s music is inspiring and uplifting, infused with a lightness and aloha spirit that signifies the gracious islands that she hails from.

On the rare occasion that she has time off, the singer says that she simply enjoys spending her time outside in nature, and with her family—which is pretty much the way that she sees Hawaiʻi, as a whole, being so special. “Here, we have the best of both—‘ohana, and amazing beauty of nature—and we get the blessing of spending time with our ohana outdoors, with potlucks, camping, at the beach, all among family,” she says. “Just everything family—any excuse to just be together—that’s what I look forward to most.”

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