Choose Healthy Now

Choose Healthy Now

Living Healthy and Happy in Hawai'i

Edna Ching | Oct 30, 2017

Choose Healthy Now

There is general concern for the overall health of Hawaii's residents. More than half of adults in the state are overweight or obese; similarly, over 50 percent have been diagnosed with at least one chronic condition, such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer. One of the contributors to obesity and chronic disease is poor nutrition. To help curb the rise of those that are overweight, obese or are affected by a chronic disease, Hawaii’s State Department of Health (DOH) started the Choose Healthy Now initiative. It aims to improve one’s nutrition through education and awareness.

When 7-Eleven Hawaii (SEH) learned about this program, we immediately expressed our interest to get involved.  The DOH was very excited to have us on board, as this adds 64 more locations that consumers can go to for healthy options.  The more accessible it is to make better choices, the easier it will be for people to maintain a healthier lifestyle. 


The more accessible it is to make better choices, the easier it will be for people to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

The process began a few months ago with the Merchandising team providing a list of potential food and beverage items for the DOH to review.  There were many that fulfilled the CHN nutrition criteria.  From there, signage was created using the CHN logo for easy identification.  The signage is critical for our consumers to spot healthy options as quick as possible due to their busy schedules.  All stores posted the signage on Monday, September 4th.

The First Lady Dawn Ige acknowledged SEH’s participation in the CHN program on Friday, September 8th.  A press conference was held at the Training Center where the First Lady informed the public about SEH’s involvement and presented a certificate of recognition.  Our CEO, Greg Hanna spoke a few words and encouraged other businesses to take part in this initiative.  This will be an ongoing effort for SEH.  Our association with the CHN program is significant as it is our duty to help consumers as well as ourselves live a healthier lifestyle conveniently.