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Edna Ching | July 10 , 2020


Shave ice has long been a popular sweet treat among locals and visitors.  And chances are the rainbow of flavors are from Harders Hawaii based in Waipahu.  Prior to its present location, Harders Hawaii held its operations in town on 850 Nuuanu Street.  That was back in 1933 when the company had its start as a simple business with a simple idea – producing high-quality syrups and flavorings using quality ingredients.

That simple concept was a success!  As word of its offering spread, its uses also expanded.  Hawaii Harders customers use them in various Guri-Guri, popsicles and baked goods recipes.  Its products also made its way into mom and pop shave ice stores and restaurants.  These businesses chose to partner with Harders Hawaii because it delivered the “home made” taste their customers know and love.

Island Maid, famous for supplying in-flight beverages, acquired Harders Hawaii in August 2008.  Island Maid, also a local business established in August 1981, kept the Harders Hawai name and committed to producing the original Harders Hawaii recipes.  Customers can be assured that they can continue to enjoy throwback flavors like Green River at various drive-ins, restaurants and their neighborhood convenience store.  All syrups and flavorings are made with 100% natural cane sugar and premium ingredients.

Harders Hawaii is committed to its mission – to provide authentic flavors and beverages through its commitment to quality and innovation.  Since bringing Harders Hawaii into the Island Maid ohana, the brand has retained its nostalgic character.  The team has also been infusing innovation into its line of syrups and flavorings.  Today, customers can experience flavors like Tigers Blood which is a bright red mixture of watermelon, strawberry and coconut flavors.  They can also find unique locally inspired flavors like Li-Hing Gummy Bear.  Locals and visitors can count on Harders Hawaii to “make happy moments one taste at a time.”

Harders Hawaii is very active on social media. You can follow them on Instagram @hardershawaii