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Hawaiian Eateries

Edna Ching | June 25, 2020


The manufacturing facility Hawaiian Eateries operates in Kaneohe. Its beginnings trace back to 1979 in Lahaina, Maui. It started out as a small deli making sandwiches, sides and delicious desserts. Soon it became apparent that the side dishes such as potato salads were the top seller! While the sandwiches were undeniably onolicious, they were overshadowed by the side salads they were served with.

Demand became so great for these items that Hawaiian Eateries Inc. was born, and the subsequent move to Oahu to open a manufacturing facility occurred. 41 years later, Hawaiian Eateries products have held their position as the premier refrigerated foods manufacturing facility in Hawaii and you can find them in restaurants, hospitals, schools, supermarkets and convenience stores.

Hawaiian Eateries has always prided themselves on enforcing the highest food safety and quality standards for the facility, while keeping the local tastes and products authentic. From dips such as kim chee and kamaboko, to creamy Best Foods potato salad, all its products capture the flavor unique to Hawaii’s island culture. They have also over the years expanded to other offerings such as its delicious Kontiki brand of salsas and barbeque sauces. Hawaiian Eateries mission is to save its customers time and labor by making products with fresh ingredients and great flavors – just like they would at home.

Hawaiian Eateries is committed to its home state by infusing local flavors and ingredients into its products and most especially by supporting local businesses. They strive to source as many locally grown and produced ingredients as possible. They use kamaboko from Okuhara Foods, and also partners with local farmers such as Aloun Farms for its Chinese Cabbage and Ho Farms for items such as Japanese Cucumbers. When asked the reason for its success… The entire team has always been focused on upholding its company standards, while never forgetting the island tastes and authentic flavors that keep the local community supporting them.

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