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Honolulu Poi Company

Edna Ching | June 4, 2020


How do you like your poi? One, two or three fingers? Fresh or slightly sour? How ever you like to eat your poi, most of us can agree that having it ready-made is a plus. Poi making is a labor-intensive process. And with today’s busy lifestyles, setting aside time to prepare a batch of poi is challenging. Companies like Honolulu Poi Company have cut out the legwork for us so that we can enjoy it anytime.

Honolulu Poi Company was founded by Kakuichi Tottori in 1946 as a small poi milling operation. At the time, the team was comprised of only three employees. While his team was small, Tottori had a big mission - develop more local industry. And that he did.

In 1950, his son James, took the reins with a similar concept – to help preserve farmers in Hawaii. Two years later, James’ son Ernest joined the family business. Since then, three generations of Tottori’s worked side by side fueling the company’s growth. They diversified Honolulu Poi Company’s offerings with the addition of other items like sprouts and processed vegetables.

Because the company grew beyond poi, the family decided to change its name to HPC Foods, Ltd. in 1990. Nearly three-quarters of a century later, a fifth generation joined the business with 180 loyal employees working alongside them. They are all committed to provide quality products for Hawaii and abroad.

And at the heart of the company is its pledge to support the local farming industry. One hundred percent of the taro used for Taro Brand Poi is locally sourced. HPC Foods also provides farmers with resources like soil testing, fertilizer recommendations and fertilizer subsidies. These resources help farmers achieve higher yielding crops that aids in optimizing production efficiencies. Together, HPC Foods and Hawaii’s Taro farmers continue the legacy of perpetuating poi to the next generation. For more information visit: www.hpcfoods.com or www.tarobrandpoi.com.