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Maui Brewing Company

Edna Ching | July 2, 2020


Maui Brewing Company (MBC) is Hawaii’s largest craft brewery.  Co-founder Garrett Marrero is a native Californian who made multiple trips to the islands.  With each visit, his affinity towards Hawaii grew.  During his travels to the aloha state, he had difficulty finding locally crafted beer – something that was very common back home.  He wanted to fill that void, so he and Melanie Oxley committed to make Hawaii their new home and start a craft brewery.  And they did so in 2005.

As they began to build their business, they immediately faced the hurdle of high electricity costs.  And that is where their propensity for innovation went into high gear.  They began experimenting with different solutions to save as much as they could.  They first replaced incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent ones and later replaced those with LEDs.  Since then, they have continually made improvements and have shifted their focus from cost savings to sustainability.

MBC is committed to using renewable energy sources for sustainability and to lower their carbon footprint.  From August 2019, MBC’s 85,000 square-foot Kihei, Maui facility is nearly 100% self-sustaining and is capable of operating independently from the grid. The brewery invested in a 1.2MW solar PV panel covering the entire roof along with Tesla Powerpack battery storage units.  They reduced their Propane gas consumption by approximately 50% with the installation of Solar Thermal systems.  Additionally, the installation of biodiesel generators fueled by locally produced biodiesel provides makeup and backup power as needed. One of MBC’s mission is to be stewards of their communities and the ‘aina.  They are constantly giving back; and these are just a few examples of how they have done so.

Spent grain is donated to local farmers for feed and compost

One of the first craft breweries to package in recyclable aluminum cans, the most eco-friendly material

Partners with Malama Maui Nui, Hawaii Wildlife Fund and Pacific Whale Foundation by donating used grain bags for environmental clean-ups

MBC’s “Ocean-Friendly” Restaurants partner with a family of local farmers for their locally grown agriculture, dairy, poultry, locally caught seafood and local grass-fed beef

Over the course of 15 years, MBC has become more than just handcrafted beer.  They have expanded their portfolio with handcrafted sodas, island crafted spirits and in 2019 they launched Maui Hard Seltzer.  They also operate four restaurants where one can experience its beers and sodas alongside island inspired cuisine reminiscent of Hawaiian comfort food.  Two are located on Maui - Lahaina and Kihei.  The other two are on Oahu - Waikiki and Kailua.  Brewery tours are usually offered at their Kihei facility.  However, it has been temporarily suspended due to the current environment.  Check their website,, for updates.  MBC products are also readily available at your neighborhood convenience store, supermarket and restaurants.