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Nanding's Bakery

Carlo, Gwynette and Gillian Paez | July 30 , 2020


Established in 2001, Nanding’s Bakery hailed from humble beginnings. Owner and founder, Fernando H. Paez first moved to Honolulu from the Philippines in the summer of 1996 to be reunited with his wife and family.  And like all people who come to this country, he had high hopes of attaining his own piece of the American dream. With the support of his wife Carmelita Paez and suggestions from his mother-in-law Lydia Amian to bake breads and pastries that were native to their home country, Fernando, whose nickname is Nanding, got to work.

Lydia Amian at the time worked as a housekeeper at a hotel in Waikiki and brought a plethora of baked goods to work for her co-workers to try.  And try they did because every day she would leave home with bags of bread and come home empty-handed with more orders of his delicious baked goods.  Alongside Lydia’s co-workers requests, Fernando also sold his baked goods every morning at bus stops around Kalihi to people going to work.  On the weekends, he would set up shop at an apartment complex parking lot and sell to residents that lived in the area.  Despite not having a commercial kitchen to bake all his products, Fernando made it work and cranked out hundreds of pastries daily in his family’s home.

But that soon changed in 1999 when a Department of Health official paid a visit to Fernando urging him to find a more suitable commercial establishment for his business. With the vacancy of then Paul’s Bakery on Gulick Avenue, Fernando and Carmelita took over the establishment and proceeded to set up shop. And in 2001, Nanding’s Bakery came to fruition. Not knowing what to expect during their back-breaking first year in business, Fernando did all that he could from baking bread to washing dishes to manning the register to purchasing supplies.  And at the end of the day, he knew he would have to do it all over again.

Word slowly got out about a bakery that sold Ensaymadas ladened with butter and sugar, and fresh Pandesal, whose sweet aroma wafted through the streets of Kalihi and reminded you of your childhood growing up in the Philippines. Let us not forget to mention their signature product, the Spanish Rolls, which are filled with sweet butter goodness and lip-smacking sensation that would leave you longing for more. As the customers started to trickle in, so did the need for help, and from there, the rest is history.

From the beginning, Nanding’s Bakery aimed to produce the best Filipino inspired breads and pastries while also providing top-notch customer service to its patrons.  The Paez family and its team are constantly in collaborative efforts with local vendors and distributors to help advertise and make their products readily available.  They also try to source supplies and ingredients from local vendors in support of their cause while simultaneously fulfilling their needs to ensure Nanding’s Bakery produces the best products possible for its customers. And to get your hands on some of these delectable freshly baked goods, you can visit one three locations [(Kalihi (Gulick Avenue), Waipahu (Farrington Highway), and Kapahulu (Martha Street)] or visit your neighborhood 7-Eleven Hawaii.