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Samurai Inc.

Edna Ching | June 18, 2020


Hawaii’s tropical weather is perfect for enjoying icy treats all year round. As we head into the warmer months, opt for a Hawaiian Frost soft serve or frozen cup made by locally owned Samurai Inc. Samurai’s humble beginnings takes us back to its mom and pop snack shop that was located just across the street from Aiea Library.

Kids and adults would visit the shop to enjoy a delightful cup of Hawaiian Frost soft serve. Its consistency is quite unique – a little creamy, a little bit like a sherbet and a little icy. The original flavor was the strawberry and vanilla swirl. Today, there are a multitude of flavors to try like strawberry banana, honeydew melon and chocolate coconut. The same flavors are also available in their frozen cup line – another local favorite.
As Samurai became more and more popular, its small location was not enough to meet the growing demand. In 1995, Samurai was incorporated and invested in a larger facility in Kalihi. It is often referred to as “Da Samurai House.” In this “house” Samurai’s team produces popcorn and dairy frozen treats for sale and distribution across the state of Hawaii. In 2014, it took its products nationwide. If you happen to visit the ninth island, you can be sure to find comforting Hawaiian Frost treats at various hotels and eateries.

While “Da Samurai House” is more of a manufacturing facility, it does have a modest snack shop attached to it. The shop retains its throwback charm with order and pick up windows and a bell to ring for service. There you can get Hawaiian Frost soft serve, popcorn and other local snacks. Hawaiian Frost flavors vary day by day and you can even customize it with toppings like mochi and li hing powder for a small upcharge.
While Samurai Inc has long outgrown its Aiea snack shop, their mission has remained unchanged. They wholeheartedly support the local community through their fundraising program, and they are set on providing wholesome, quality products to bring pride and joy to Hawaii’s residents and visitors.

So, if you need something to cool you down, reach for a Hawaiian Frost soft serve or frozen cup. Or perhaps try their new Hawaiian Frost Icicles – made specifically for those on the go. Icicles come in strawberry, honeydew and blue vanilla flavors. And if you are not in the Kalihi neighborhood, a variety of Samurai Inc.’s products can be found in most convenience stores and supermarkets.

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