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Talk To Us

Talk To Us

We are always open for your food, beverage and shopping needs. We also welcome your comments and suggestions. You can reach us by phone at (808) 526-1711, email at or on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What steps are you taking should an employee shows signs of illness?

Should a store associate show signs of illness we will take the necessary precautions as advised by the CDC and the State Department of Health. These are actions as outlined by the CDC:
1) Store associate to be sent home immediately.
2) Surfaces in the workplace to be cleaned thoroughly.
3) Information on persons who have come into contact with an ill store associate during the time the store associate had symptoms and 2 days prior to symptoms to be compiled.
We also ask the store associate to contact his/her doctor. Our Human Resources Manager will do follow-up calls to ensure the store associate is receiving sufficient support. Read more about steps we are taking for a clean, safe environment and supporting our store associates.

Is 7-Eleven hiring?

We are always looking for individuals to join our team. As we continue to open stores in the various communities across the state, we welcome those interested in being part of our growth journey. Look for open positions and apply here.

Are masks available for purchase at your stores?

Our Merchandising Team is working to source masks. We currently sell 50 count boxes, but have limited supply. We are waiting on our order of single masks and 3 - count masks to arrive. A variety of fabric masks are also available for purchase. Please check back with us or call your neighborhood 7-Eleven Hawaii store you will be shopping at.