The Miraculous Mango

The Miraculous Mango

A Local Favorite

Andy Beth Miller & Camille Wong | Jun 1, 2017

The Miraculous Mango

Juicy, Succulent and Perfectly Sweet

Mangoes are truly nature’s treat. Originating in Southeast Asia, they stem from the same family as cashews and pistachios, and have been a part of the human diet for over four thousand years. These fleshy fruits flourish in tropical climates, like the one we have here in Hawaiʻi. While mango season runs from summer to early fall, you can usually find mangoes almost year round in Hawaiʻi. If you are the lucky neighbor of a mango tree owner, you might be regularly gifted a few of these succulent fruits.

You can do just about anything with them: eat 'em raw, pickle, dry, bake or cook them, whatever your heart or belly desires. In addition to their unique flavor, mangoes also have a multitude of health benefits. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, adding mangoes to your diet can help increase your intake of important nutrients. There are more than one thousand varieties of mangoes in the world, but when you know how to identify and select that perfect one, enjoying this tasty fruit is a sweetly satisfying experience.

Endless Mango Possibilities

From melt-in-your-mouth popsicles and ice cream, to hearty bread and zesty salsas, mangoes can play a central role or add a little bit of something extra to any dish. Take Mango Curry- a hint of sweetness from the mango gives way to the rich spices, and when spooned over warm rice and accompanied by a fresh tossing of side salad, the textures and flavors come together and leave you wanting another velvety, rich bite.

While mango season runs from the summer to early fall, you can find mangoes almost year-round in Hawaiʻi

Popular Varieties of Mangoes

Haden: One of the most popular varieties in Hawai'i, ripened Haden mangoes have gold, red and green colors, full flavor and are highly aromatic. Their fine fiber results in a relatively firmer flesh. They range from 16-24 ounces and taste great when chilled or made into a savory chutney.

Rapoza: Another well-known Hawai'i variety, Rapozas turn gold with a purple blush when ripe. They are thin-seeded and fiberless, and have more resistance to plant diseases. Their weight ranges from 15-30 ounces. Because of their fiberless flesh, they are perfect for baking, cooking or blending into an ice cold juicy drink.

Pirie: This variety is a little older and widely planted. Their ripened colors tend to be more yellow and gold, and they are also fiberless. Piries are on the smaller side, ranging from 8-10 ounces, yet they are very juicy and sweet. They are delicious when served with a bowl of coconut sticky rice.

Where to Man-GO from here?

With its versatile uses and benefits, it is not hard to see why this fruit is loved worldwide. If you are ever on-the-go and have a sudden craving for mangoes, stop by your neighborhood store and try our seasonal sensation, 7 Premium Mango Ice Bars or grab a package of chewy li hing dried mangoes. So go mad for the mango, we totally understand!