Tricks to Stay Fit at Work

Tricks to Stay Fit at Work

6 Tricks for Staying Healthy On-The-Go

Andy Beth Miller | Mar 16, 2018

It's As Easy as Going Up a Flight of Stairs

If you are a part of the large percentage of the islands’ workforce that sits behind a desk, but you long to be out and about, taking advantage of the beautiful Hawaii weather, you are not alone.

While it is difficult to bring in the sunshine and cool breeze, it is possible to be more active throughout the day while indoors.

Here are some simple tricks any office dweller can do to stay healthy-

1. Park Strategically—Start your day at the office on a physically fit note by parking in the farthest stall from the front door. These extra steps will help get you in a fit frame of mind and the extra fresh air and vitamin D from the sun will help boost your mood levels before you even enter the office.

2. Climb to the Top—Opt for stairs whenever possible rather than taking elevators or escalators. Stairs are not only great cardio but a great firming exercise for your thighs and glutes! By climbing stairs throughout your day, you’ll notice a healthier glow and studies show that by making little changes towards positive health people are encouraged to eat healthier and make better decisions!

3. Check Your Printing Options—Switch it up and choose to print on the farthest printer from your desk. This move will encourage you to walk a few more steps each time you print and get a little more exercise throughout the day. Another bonus is you’ll be stopping by to say hi to co-workers you don’t usually see!

4. Skip the Email—From time to time it’s a great option to skip sending an email and rather walk to your co-worker's office and deliver the message in person. Delivering your message in this manner will help you get a little more physical activity throughout your day!


Opt for stairs whenever possible rather than taking elevators or escalators.  Stairs are not only great cardio but a great firming exercise for your thighs and glutes!


5. Ditch the Lunch Meeting—Rather than tucking into a caloric lunch meeting why not take your meeting outdoors and pound the pavement while you and your co-worker talk business. Opting for a stroll around the block will be not only excellent physical activity but also a great change of scenery promoting ideas and creativity to flow!

6. Pack & Prepare—Be sure to bring a change of exercise clothes with you to work because you never know when you’ll get a text from a girlfriend inviting you to a yoga class or stroll around the park. We often miss opportunities to get out and exercise because we have to pop home or run an errand. By preparing for exercise, we open the possibilities for fun and physical fitness!

By incorporating one or all of these simple tricks into our daily work routine, we can add health to our lives and promote wellness wherever we go!