Company Timeline


Texas beginnings

The story of 7-Eleven Hawai‘i begins across the ocean in Dallas, Texas, with the opening of the world’s first convenience store, an ice house named Southland Ice Company. The core products include eggs, bread, and a gallon of milk for $0.56.


Expanding assortment

Southland Ice Company changes its name to Tote’m Stores because customers tote their purchases away. Operators quickly learn that customers are also looking for everyday items such as staples, canned goods, and gasoline.


Satisfying customers

The 7-Eleven name is coined after the expanded operating hours of 7:00am – 11:00pm. With 7-Eleven operating under Southland Corporation, the stores become mom-and-pop stores and supermarkets wrapped into one.


Hours change again

Southland Corporation now reaches beyond Texas to Florida, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. One night after a football game in Austin, Texas, the store remains busy and stays open all night. It becomes the first convenience store to remain open 24 hours. Sales are so strong that this model expands to other stores in Texas, California and Las Vegas.


The first signature offering

SLURPEE® is born! This iconic frozen beverage was named after the sound made when drinking it through a straw.

TIP: Check out Hawai‘i’s local flavor assortment! In the past, we have had favorite local flavors such as Haupia, Ube, Li Hing Gummy Bear, and many more!


An agreement is made

Toshifumi Suzuki, a businessman from Japan working for Ito-Yokado Supermarket Chain, visits a 7-Eleven in the US, likes the concept, and pitches it when he returns to Japan. Southland Corporation allows them to be a subsidiary.


The second signature offering

Next is BIG GULP® The first self-serve soda fountain. Other technological inventions help propel the self-service industry in this decade, including the microwave oven and hot dog roller grills.


The first Hawai‘i store

In Hawai‘i, the 2nd Avenue Store opens on April 14th, 1978, and is still in operation today. Convenience stores are new to Hawai‘i and the local people welcome the 24-hour operation.


Local operation

7-Eleven Hawai‘i, Inc. becomes a locally operated company under the direction of 7-Eleven Japan in December.


Hawai‘i expansion

47 locations are operating Hawai‘i! The Hawai‘i team works closely with Japan to build an infrastructure that will grow the business.


SPAM® Musubi is sold

This staple product has been winning awards such as Best Musubi for many years and is noted as a “must try” for residents and visitors alike.


Bento is sold


Sushi is sold

Just don’t call it gas station sushi.


Hawai‘i’s Neighborhood Store

The concept of Your Neighborhood Store is established as the company’s guiding vision to provide localized offerings and add value for customers statewide.


Continued global expansion & a new fresh food facility for Hawai‘i

Globally, 7-Eleven remains the largest chain in the convenience retailing industry, with 77,000 stores worldwide in 18 countries and regions.

7-Eleven Hawai‘i’s commissary partner, Warabeya USA, relocates to a new facility in Waipahu, O‘ahu.


Local expansion and renovations

7-Eleven Hawai‘i opens additional locations in Kāne‘ohe Shopping Center and Kapolei’s Ho‘omaka on O‘ahu. The company continues its commitment to improved store environments with renovations to Nu‘uanu I and Kapālama stores.

Hawai‘i’s Neighborhood Store

Accessible Store Environments

We strive to maintain a safe shopping environment whereby all individuals can have the same experience with us.

Fresh and Available Products

We introduce new products every week and source from local vendors wherever possible. Plus, find exclusive global products only available at 7-Eleven.

Friendly Service

Our amazing employees work around the clock and always go the extra step to provide our customers with the fastest and friendliest service.

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