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Musubi and Sushi

Our #1 Best Sellers

Our mouthwatering SPAM® Musubi is a perfect combination of savory SPAM®, rice, and nori that has been winning awards for 18 years. Our other crowd favorites include Spicy Ahi Inari, Baked Salmon Triangle Musubi, Mochiko Chicken Jumbo Musubi and more.


A Favorite Frozen Drink

SLURPEE® Your Way with limited made-in-Hawaii flavors only available at 7-Eleven Hawaii.


A Delicious Lunch Option

The top-selling Teri Chicken Bento includes exclusive teriyaki sauce brushed over marinated chicken, paired with a hot dog on a bed of rice. We have bento for every craving and time of the day, such as the Menehune Karaage Chicken Bento, Breakfast Scramble and Kalua Pork and Cabbage bento.

Big Gulp®

Ice Cold & Refreshing

Quench your thirst with your favorite drink and enjoy locally inspired flavors from Harder’s Hawaii such as Lilikoi and Fruit Punch.

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We have 7 stores on the Big Island! 🌴 Who has been to all 7? 😏
We know nobody does musubi like us - check out our top 5 best sellers! 🍙⭐️ 

Which musubi deserved to be on the list but didn’t make the cut?
Your bae doesn’t have to know their Valentine’s gift was last minute 🤫 Make a quick stop at 7-Eleven Hawaii 🌹❤️🍷
Just opened 2 months ago - The Ho’omaka Store! ✨ Where do you want us to build a 7-Eleven Hawaii next?
Where’s my Li Hing lovers at?! 😻 Name a flavor that doesn’t go with Li Hing, I dare you 🧐
Almost 46 years ago we opened our first store and it still operates today! 2nd Ave taking the cake for oldest 7-Eleven Hawaii store 🎉
Give it up for Ewa Village 👏🏼🏆 have you visited this store before and what did you get?