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Rooted within 64 neighborhoods across O'ahu and the Neighbor Islands, we are Hawai'i's immediate food and beverage destination.  Whatever you are craving, from local comfort foods to bold dishes with exciting flavors, or maybe just something simple and nutritious to fuel your day, we've got you!  We provide variety, quality and value, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We are 7-Eleven Hawai'i, your neighborhood store.

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More Than Just Slurpees

By Guest Contributor

If you’re like me, you venture into the nearest 7-Eleven Hawai'i for a quick bite or a Diet Coke—not really thinking about the effort and thought that goes into the hundreds of products on the shelves....

November 29, 2017

First Lady Dawn Ige’s Sandwich

By Edna Ching

To further emphasize our support of the Choose Healthy Now (CHN) program, we asked the First Lady Dawn Ige if she would be able to develop a sandwich recipe that is in line with the Department of Health’s (DOH) CHN nutrition criteria....

October 31, 2017

Choose Healthy Now

By Edna Ching

There is general concern for the overall health of Hawaii's residents. More than half of adults in the state are overweight or obese; similarly, over 50 percent have been diagnosed with at least one chronic condition, such as diabetes,...

October 31, 2017

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